The firm was founded in Seattle over 30 years ago. Our experience includes an extensive list of commercial, residential and institutional buildings. Projects range from small remodels or renovations to large, multi-story new construction.

Although the majority of our work has been in the Western Washington region, we have designed projects in Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, California, New York and Hawaii.

Residential & Commercial Design:

Our work focuses on client and site specific design. Although our projects cover a wide range of goals, budgets and styles, they share a common emphasis on cost-effective, aesthetically consistent and highly functional construction of lasting quality. We are knowledgeable and comfortable in a variety of architectural styles, from the very traditional to the very modern.

Professional Services:

  1. Site Planning

  2. Design

  3. Permit Assistance

  4. Construction Drawings

  5. Specifications

  6. Cost Estimating

  7. Construction Assistance


Our scope of work also includes the services of a select group of consulting engineers as required for the specific project. We also collaborate with craftsmen & artists on artist-made building components.



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